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Objectives: Providing instructions relating components of I.C. engine, tractor, component and

its mechanics.

Contents: Introduction: History of engine development, engine cycles, principles of operation,

types of engine, principal parts of engine: Functions, constructions, cylinder, cylinder heads,

liner, crank case, piston, connecting rod, crank shaft, clutch, flywheel, valves and their operation, valve mechanism. Fuel system: Major components of fuel system (petrol/disease), carburetor, fuel injection pump, njector/nozzles, electronic fuel injection, governing system, trouble shooting, calibration of fuel injection pump. Ignition system: types of ignition, spark, magneto and compression ignition, induction coils, distributor, spark plug, contact-breaker point, condenser, trouble shooting. Cooling system: Types, principle of operation, parts of air/water cooling system, line diagram, radiator, thermostat, water pump, fan, engine heating, repair and maintenance, types of coolants. Lubrication system: Types, principle of operation, components of lubrication system, line diagram, types of lubricants, trouble shooting. Electrical system: A.C and D.C. voltage, alternator/dynamo, battery, battery charging and maintenance, self starter, electrical gauges and controls, line diagram, repair and maintenance. Intake and exhaust system: air intake system, air cleaner, super charger, turbo charger, inter-cooling, and construction of intake and exhaust manifolds, mufflers, flue gases.


Study of main components of engine and engine types

Study of valve system and its adjustments

Demonstration of fuel system, cooling sys and electrical system of tractor.

Measurement of air pressure/air fuel ration in each cylinder engine.

Fuel injector, pump adjustment and calibration.

Demonstration of engine, lubrication system.

Servicing of a single cylinder diesel engine.

Removal of air lock f a diesel engine.

Battery testing for charging/discharging.


 Enable the students to meet their real-life communication needs.

Course Contents

Paragraph writing: Practice in writing a good, unified and coherent paragraph

Essay writing: Introduction ; CV and job application

Translation skills: Urdu to English

Study skills : Skimming and scanning, intensive and extensive, and speed reading, summary and précis writing and comprehension

Academic skills : Letter/memo writing, minutes of meetings, use of library and internet; Presentation skills: Personality development (emphasis on content, style and pronunciation)